December Holiday Season Tips & Tricks

At Broadway Animal Hospital by the Bay, we consider you and your pets family. Our mission is to nurture the human-animal bond, and the holidays are a great time to celebrate that. Spending time with our loved ones – human, furry, feathery, or scaley – is the reason for the season.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that we watch out for preventable accidents. Things like accidental ingestions of food or new toys, or even chewing on electrical wires from decorations should be considered. While you may love seeing your family members that live across the country, Fluffy might not be so excited. It’s important to respect an animal’s space, and make sure the young kids aren’t pulling or stepping on their tails!

The most common incident during the holidays comes from accidental ingestion of food or foreign objects. Inspect your pets new toys for any issues before giving it to them, and ensure that it is the proper size so that it won’t get swallowed.

Some holiday foods on the naughty list include: Ham and turkey bones, stuffing, grapes and raisins, alcohol, onions and garlic, chocolate and nutmeg, butter, mushrooms, and gravy. If you aren’t sure if your pet can have it, check first before giving it to them!

Traveling with your pets can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday. To make it easy, Hill’s has compiled some great information on traveling with your pets into a convenient checklist. Their list is easy to read and follow, and has plenty of information to make your travel as stress free as possible for both you and your dog or cat. For traveling with dogs, click here. For traveling with cats, click here.

And if you need a health certificate, wellness exam, or some vaccinations before travel, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to get you and your pet all squared away before the holidays.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season,

The staff at Broadway Animal Hospital.

October is National Diversity Month

Recognizing dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, pocket pets, and more!

At our hospital, we recognize that not all animals are built the same or require the same care. Caring for cats and dogs is a whole different world than care for a guinea pig, bird, or reptile. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Our veterinarians see a plethora of animal species, with the knowledge and resources to give your critter the best care possible. Our doctors have seen animals such as rabbits, turtles, bearded dragons, snakes, chameleons, birds, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and others.

Although these animals look and act very differently, they all need routine care. This includes annual examinations, blood work, preventatives, and proper education for care at home.

To find out some more information on care for these exotic animals, please see veterinary partner. They have some great links on things like Aggression in Captive Reptiles, Ferret Flea Control, Rabbit Natural Behavior, Rodent Husbandry and Care, Nutrition for Small Mammals, and Signs of Illness or Disease in a Bird. also has tons of information on choosing and caring for your pet reptile. Please choose wisely, these pets need a lot of care and are very particular about their living conditions!

October also has Vet Tech Appreciation Week!!

Show some love for your hard working techs by thanking them at your next appointment and letting them know how much you appreciate their help and care.

These are some of our technicians you might see running around the hospital. They all have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, and are dedicated to nurturing the human-animal bond that our clients experience with their pets.

Ed, Chris, and Rick goofing around with their puppy patient.

“Day in the life”

A typical day in the life of a vet tech consists of in-taking appointments, trailing after doctors, giving vaccinations, anal gland expressions, temperatures, cleaning the hospital, filling medications, follow-ups on sick patients, assisting in surgeries, holding dogs during exams, and a whole lot more.

We LOVE our techs