The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The first humane organization to be granted legal authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals.

ASPCA Poison Control Center

A resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Veterinary Partner

Do you have questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or safety? is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world’s first and largest online veterinary database and community.

HomeAgain Microchips

It’s a fact: the single greatest threat to a pet’s life is getting lost. Ten million pets get lost every year, and without identification, 90% of them never return home. But HomeAgain is rewriting these statistics with advanced microchipping technology and comprehensive pet recovery services that have found more than 2 million pets to date.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped.

Pet Link Microchips

PetLink identification products alert everyone at-a-glance that your pet has a microchip, and can help speed its chance of getting scanned and returned to you if lost.


When travelling with your pet(s), there may be animal health requirements specific for that destination. As soon as you know your travel details, contact your local veterinarian to assist with the pet travel process. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications/ treatments.

WSAVA Pet Nutrition

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

The Global Nutrition Committee (GNC) began life in 2010 with the initial task of developing global nutrition guidelines, which were first published in 2011. The goal of these guidelines is to help the veterinary healthcare team and pet owners ensure that dogs and cats are on an optimal nutrition plan tailored to the needs of the individual dog or cat.

Recommendations on Selecting Pet Foods

The Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the Internet

The Savvy Cat Owners Guide: Nutrition on the Internet

Care Credit

We accept Care Credit!

Care Credit is a unique credit card that works specifically at veterinary offices and some human health offices.

Care Credit can be utilized in an emergency to help cover unexpected costs, or it can be used at your regular wellness visits for vaccines and preventatives.

Care Credit is unique in that it offers a deferred interest period for purchases over $200.

To apply for a line of credit, visit their website.


We are now accepting Scratch Pay!

This is another form of payment you can apply for when your pet needs medical attention but you don’t quite have the funds. The funds are dispensed in a loan with a requested amount, and you select the payment plan that you would like to pay it back on. Interest is based on your personal credit, but funds are approved or denied immediately so that we can get to work on your pet as fast as possible.

You can apply online or over the phone!